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Tax Services for Businesses

Business Tax Preparation: Preparation and filing of various tax returns for businesses, including income tax returns, payroll tax returns, sales tax returns, and other applicable filings.

Tax Planning for Businesses: Strategic financial planning to minimize tax liabilities, optimize deductions, and take advantage of available credits and incentives for businesses.

Entity Selection and Structure: Guidance on choosing the most suitable legal structure (e.g., sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation) based on tax implications and liability considerations.

Tax Credits and Incentives for Businesses: Identification and maximization of available tax credits and incentives, such as research and development credits, investment credits, and job creation incentives.

State and Local Tax (SALT) Services: Assistance in navigating state and local tax requirements, including income taxes, sales and use taxes, property taxes, and employment taxes specific to a particular jurisdiction.

International Tax Services for Businesses: Addressing tax considerations for businesses engaged in cross-border transactions, including transfer pricing, foreign tax credits, and compliance with international tax treaties.

Payroll Tax Services: Ensuring compliance with payroll tax obligations, including calculating and remitting payroll taxes, preparing W-2 and 1099 forms, and staying updated on payroll tax regulations.

Tax Dispute Resolution for Businesses: Assistance in resolving tax-related disputes with tax authorities, representing businesses during audits, appeals, and negotiations to achieve a favorable resolution.

Nexus Analysis for Businesses: Determining tax obligations in various jurisdictions by assessing the level of presence or "nexus" in those jurisdictions, ensuring compliance with tax filing requirements.

Sales Tax Services: Managing sales tax compliance for businesses, including registration, collection, and reporting of sales tax, addressing nexus issues, and managing exemptions.

Business Consulting and Advisory: Providing guidance on tax-efficient business practices, financial planning, and strategic decision-making to optimize overall tax position and business performance.